The smartest way
to manage your

Gwiza provides you with all the solutions and tools to easily
and smartly manage your group and individual finances.

How it works

Create Account
Once your Gwiza account is approved,
simply dial *737# enter the password
of the group you are in and start using
Gwiza’s service
Join a Group
Sign up on Gwiza Plus to create your
savings group or visit our office where
we can help you create a Gwiza
Standard group account
Start Saving
Simply open the app or dial *737#,
login into your account, go to the
savings screen. Enter the amount
and click save money

Group Saving

You can save with your group
as frequently as you decide. Dial
*737# and follow the prompts


Launch and participate in
fundraising campaigns in your
comunity through Gwiza.

Group loans

Access a loan from your group
or as a group from a financial
institution at a relatively low rate.


Make educated investment decisions
through Gwiza with the help of a wide
range of options and information.


Plan and pay for insurance through
Gwiza with vast information from
your insurance copany.

Bills payment

Pay your utility bills through Gwiza and
get a presentable proof of payment.